Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Expat Gaming Blues

In my post yesterday I mentioned that I'd shelved my megadungeon. Not permanently, of course, I just stopped working on it to develop my minidungeon sandbox and then the maritime campaign.

Of course, the comment by David of Tower of the Archmage got me thinking. Of course that line of thought went something like this:

I'd love to run my megadungeon.
My players here aren't into that sort of game.
I could always set up a game on RPOL or some other gaming site
Message board games are slow and people lose interest quickly
Maybe I could email a few friends and get them on board
I tend to get addicted to checking the message board for non-existent updates, wife gets mad.
OK, maybe I won't do it after all.

And my megadungeon stays on the shelf. Sad, but when you're in a city of 4 million people, of whom maybe 1000 at most are native English speakers, and of them apparently the number interested in RPGs is around 5 and I'm already gaming with them, that's life. (And we've tried gaming with English speaking Koreans--it's either unsatisfying to the foreigners because it's slow and a bit dumbed down, or it's unsatisfying for the Koreans because they can't follow everything).


  1. I'd be more than happy to game with you over the internet, if your interests run to such a thing. If not, then I feel for your loss. For a long, long time I went without a group when I was new in town and didn't know anybody.

    They say no gaming is better than bad gaming, but I dunno about that.

  2. Some of us visit Busan fairly regularly, and are always interested in gaming...when I can get off the ship.

  3. N. Wright, if I ever get an online game going, I'll be asking people I know to join first, but then second will be guys like you from the OSR. I figure it would be too much hassle to just open it up to the general public.

    VR/Chaps, any time you and your shipmates are in town and want to game, my schedule permitting, I'd love to run a game for you!

  4. Hey, I hear you. I've never tried to run an online game before, but it can't be easy. It's hard enough to get people you know in the real world to come together once a week.

  5. I've recently started gaming using a Virtual Tabletop or VTT. For as little as $35, you can play a game via chat with full pictures and libraries and die rollers. Add Skype in for voice and it is almost like sitting at the same table with 6 other people.

    I'm using Fantasy Grounds II, and like I said just started but I'd check it out at www.fantasygrounds.com and try thier free trial license.