Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flying Swordsmen RPG--bring out your monsters!

Finished the first draft of the adventure design chapter. Not too happy with it. I'm way too wordy and trying to be concrete with advice but digressing into game design philosophy too much, I think.

Anyway, at least it's complete. Now time to move on to the monster section! It's gonna be fun. The original only gave a handful of monsters. I'm gonna have a lot more, plus lots of write-ups of NPC types so GMs don't feel the need to rely on the character creation system for all of the NPCs. Show the reader it's OK to 'cheat' and give an opponent the martial arts maneuvers, stats, whatever to make it challenging and fun, even if it's not something the PCs can do.

Oh, and did I mention there will be lots of monsters?

If anyone out there reading this has a favorite monster from a wuxia movie, comic, whatever, chime in and let me know. It, or something like it, will make it into the book!

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