Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

A little late in posting this, I know, but it's been a busy couple of days (and we didn't even go to any parties).  Here's how things have shaped up on the first full calendar year that I've been doing WaHNtHaC.

[I installed the Google Analytics tracker on April 1st, all data related to hits/sources misses out on the first 3 months of the year.]

13,478 visits to the blog between April 1 and Dec. 31.

As I stated a few days ago, Google hits have drawn lots of ninja fans my way, so quite a large percentage of traffic to the site is just people looking for ninja stuff (or a picture) and then clicking away.  But here are the top 10 threads on my blog:
1. Oriental Accents: Ninja Week 996 hits
2. Clash of the Titans Movie Review 131
3. How to Tackle a Megadungeon 126
4. Game On 97
5. Tackling the Megadungeon: Scouting 93
6. Zero Sum Gaming 92
6. Luddites vs. Amish 92
8. "Do you want to live forever?" Immortality in Game 91
9. What to do when you're not in combat 87
9. WOTC really needs to get their numbers straight 87

For how people are finding my blog:
2936 hits came from Raggi's Lamentations of the Flame Princess
2125 hits came from Jeff's Game Blog
1637 hits came here directly
1368 hits were Blogger referrals
647 hits were from Google

The big keyword leading people to my site was, surprise surprise,

Next were the name of the blog in various incarnations
'movie title' + horrible was fairly popular as well, if I'd reviewed the movie
A few interesting ones were "sexy pirate," "m john harrison," "curse client not working," "do you light of lord?," "ode to gibberlings," "origin of Porkins," and my favorite (gotta get in contact with these guys, I could make some money!): "the secret sect of gwidion."

OK, the final bit of Google Analytics data--where are all of you coming from?

No surprise, 8,521 hits were from the USA.
929 from Canada
825 from the UK
776 from South Korea (many by me, obviously)
363 from Japan
296 from Australia
251 from Germany
194 from Italy
186 from Finland
113 from Austria

Posts that got lots of comments included:
Adventure idea that would never work (9)
Social Interaction Rules and the Dick DM (10)
Luddites vs. Amish (10)
Maybe the sky falling is a good thing (9)
What to do when you're not in combat? (9)
Here we go again? (9)
Endless Quest books (11)
These sorts of characters ARE viable (10)

Next, my free downloads:
Castle Mistamere Extension 104 downloads
Great Dungeon Random Encounter Charts 80 downloads
The Derelict 32 downloads
Under the Hillfort Ruins notes 40 downloads
Unique Magic Armors and Shields 41 downloads
Unique Magic Wands, Staves and Rods 47 downloads
Unique Magic Weapons 100 downloads

Finally, I'm up to 89 Followers.  That's pretty impressive.  I don't remember how many I had last January, but I think it was only around 12 or 15.  It's been a good year here for me.  Thanks to you guys.

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  1. Keep on keepin' on. Looking forward to reading your material in the new year!!