Monday, January 31, 2011

The new HeroClix figures and a confession

The Happy Whisk asked me to post some pictures of my new HeroClix figures.  Here they are in all their glory:

As you can see, Magneto now has his head attached.  Don't know if that will survive the first game we use him in (or even transport to that game if it's not here at my house) but we'll see.

Magneto is the Experienced (blue ring) version from Infinity Challenge.
Dr. Doom is the Experienced version from Clobberin' Time.
Mr. Fantastic is the Veteran (red ring) version from Clobberin' Time.
Superman is the Unique (bronze ring) version from Hypertime.
Batman is the Veteran version from Hypertime.
Wonder Woman is from the new DC 75th anniversary set (no ring).

I hadn't bought any new Clix games for some years, and I hadn't kept up with any rules changes or the like, so I was a bit surprised to see that Wonder Woman came with a card with a unique ability just for her, meaning you'd need to keep the card handy for reference during play.

The card is useful in that it lists what powers she has and why.  But having to manage a bunch of cards as well as a bunch of figures could get bothersome in play, I'd imagine.  It would also make set-up take longer, as you'd not only have to figure out which characters you want to go together, but then you'd have to find both the figure and the card for each of them.  "Where's that Blue Beetle Rookie card?"

And finally, my confession.  When I was into comics heavily (my college days), I rarely read anything DC.  I was a Marvel fanboy, one of those guys picking up multiple X-books every month, along with some other Marvel and indie comics.  But I never followed any DC books.  I'd read copies friends had purchased, but I wasn't buying them.

So most of my knowledge of DC characters comes from movies and TV.  When people mention "post-Crisis" characters, I know they're referring to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but I have no idea what changed.  When I mentioned the other day that Bats and Supes were friends, I had the Super Friends cartoon firmly in mind. 

Sorry, DC fans.


  1. The cards really aren't much extra bother at all, once you get used to them. If there's certain characters you frequently play (a favorite team, or a few figures you typically grab when making a new team), you can easily keep those cards bound together, and they'll transport as easily as another figure. And I do find the cards a little easier to reference than the big chart when you can't quite remember what a particular power is supposed to be.

    I used to be a Zombie Master for HorrorClix, and there was no standard color coding for any powers, so even the most common powers needed a card. We all got used to 'em pretty easily.

  2. I was a HUGE fan of Heroclix about 6 years ago. We played once a month or so at my house and had a lot of fun. I eventually got out of it, and like yourself, haven't really kept up much with the rules changes. I had some pretty awesome figures myself. I might have to snap some pics and post them myself. I really enjoyed the game and my friends and I have often spoken about picking it back up. I still have most of my figures out in my garage in a tackle box.

  3. I'm a huge comic book fan, a DC fan and love Superhero RPGs. I used to collect tons of Heroclix because, let's face it, who else was making cool, easily customizable Superhero minis.

    I actually have not idea how the game is played. I've thought about getting into it a few times but then I think "but that'll take up already limited RPGing time." That stops me cold.