Monday, January 10, 2011

Vacation's Over--Back to Work!

Since I didn't get any other time to work on gaming stuff (other than a few blog posts) over the past week, I pulled out the Megadungeon last night and wrote up descriptions for 30 or so of the rooms on the 1st level.  Now it's about 1/5 keyed.

And now I'm sitting here at work, wishing I had another week off so I could get it finished.


  1. I got a ton of work done this weekend myself. Reason? We stayed home. Much like your problem, when I am off work my wife finds things to do.

  2. There is something about a map isn’t there? You start out with a piece of paper, and suddenly things take shape, and the shapes call out to be filled…

    And then there is work.

    I'd rather be mapping.