Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday, Joe and his wife So Young, and Dave came over.  While my wife and Joe's talked and my son ran around in his superman shirt, we guys played a round of HeroClix.

Joe hadn't played before, so it took him a little time to get used to the rules, but he caught on fast.  I still had the 300 point 'teams' I'd made for use at the Board Game Group sometime last year, so we each selected a team.  I was the Hulk and some low level weenies (cause just the Hulk is 200+ points).  Dave was the Judge Dread team.  Joe was the Fantastic 4 + Spider-Man*.

We used one of the scenarios in the Marvel rulebook.  There's an artifact on the map, and whoever holds it at the end of 10 turns is the winner.

Joe got to go first, and he instantly sent Spidey and Invisible Woman toward the artifact, The Thing towards me, and Human Torch towards Dave.

I sent in most of my guys towards the Thing, but a couple of the weenies towards Dave, too.

Dave picks off Joe's Medic and Boom Boom (my team) with his ranged attacks.  The Thing can't make any rolls, so is stuck pounding on my Dreadnaught (who also can't hit back).  Spidey comes to help The Thing, as the Hulk gets near and my sniper is trying to pick off Spiderman (because it can't damage the Thing if it wants too!).  Invisible Woman just sits on the artifact.

Judge Dread and Johnny Alpha take out the Human Torch, and my weenie medic and Shield Soldier take out Dave's Saurian Trooper.  The Hulk takes out Spider-Man, while The Thing still keeps whiffing against my Dreadnaught.  Invisible Woman finally starts to run away with the artifact, and the Judge Dread team and Hulk give chase, but she manages to elude us until the clock runs down.

Joe was the winner!  Fun game, and he's interested in playing it again sometime.  After that we had dinner, and thought we'd play a round of Puerto Rico, but we spent too much time talking and by the time we'd just gotten into the game, So Young interrupted and said they had to leave, because she has to work early today. 

My son, last Halloween
It was a fun afternoon/evening, and I'm glad that we've got enough people in board games now that we can have multiple 'events' going on.  Pat, Alex, Steve and some new people had also played games on Saturday.

*Don't have a Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards figure, so Spidey got put in instead.


  1. Was that the Judge Dread team I put together?

  2. BTW I put a link in your last post. Guy who made Pool of Radiance, etc.

  3. Yes, it was. They're a pretty effective ranged team. The Human Torch slowed me down just enough to prevent me catching the Invisible Woman with the McGuffin in time.

  4. Josh--yeah, I saw no reason not to keep that team as you made it. They work well together.

    Some of the other old school blogs have posted the link to the Jim Ward support page, but I'll include it in my next post. Thanks for the reminder.