Sunday, January 9, 2011

With Your Shield, or On It

This is a little addendum to Trollsmyth's awesome "Shields shall be Splintered" houserule.

When fleeing from an encounter (evasion rules as per Classic D&D), a character may discard their shield in order to automatically evade the pursuer.

No, I haven't playtested this yet.  Yes, it could be powerful at low levels.  Yes, it's unfair to those that don't use shields (but then the M-U's and Thieves are likely faster than the Clerics, Fighters and Demi-Humans anyway).

But if your group happens to run into a specter when you're only level 2, or your plan to surprise the sleeping dragon goes pear shaped, this will allow you to get away easily and live to fight another day.


  1. I like this rule because it favors the warrior types, who will most likely be in melee anyway. I'm trying to remember how the Labyrinth Lord withdrawal rules work. I think you can do a Fighting Retreat, which allows you to move 1/2 your move with no penalty. Your rule would be a nice add on, because it allows you to straight up bail.

    I know it's a touchy subject in light of Wizzo's recent CCG thing, but this would be a fun "Action Card" to award to a Fighter.

  2. Do I have to discard my Shieldbearer as well? Or just the shield?

  3. If the shieldbearer stays crunchy in milk, you may not need to discard your shield after all. Just outrun him.