Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a Horrible Anniversary to Have a Blog!

Yes, it's my blog's 1 year anniversary today. Last year, I probably wasn't even thinking of it as "9/11" when I decided to stop just reading others' blogs and start my own. To be honest, having lived overseas the entire time (I was watching a video in my apartment in Yamanashi by myself that night. Was rewinding the video and NHK news was broadcasting the attack coverage. That's how I found out about it) it affected me, but not as deeply as it likely would have if I'd been living at home.

Sorry to get political on a blog that isn't about my personal politics, but from the distance I was afforded, I found it easy to see just how badly the U.S. dropped the ball on trying to punish al Qaeda and going after Saddam instead. And that caused me even more distance between the pain and grief and anger I felt over the 9/11 attacks.

For me, anymore, it's just another day in September. And I'm really more concerned right now over how the sumo tournament, which starts tomorrow, is going to turn out.


  1. Chello!

    Personally, I think that after 9 years it's time to get over it all. and before anyone out there says I'm heartless or a jerk, I had a friend that was a Firefighter with the FDNY that died that morning.

    Personally, it's not like you started your blog with a couple of years of 9-11 happening.

  2. I agree. Like I said, a year ago I wasn't even thinking about it. I think this year I was because of the idiot trying to stage a Koran burning party.

    Anyway, it's been a good year for blogging!