Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Megadungeon Random Encounters

I've just finished (well, I'll likely tweak it from time to time, especially once play begins to keep things from getting stale) a personalized modification of the Mentzer dungeon wandering monster charts for my own game.

It all fits on a single (A4, watch out Americans) page, has encounters for my above ground ruins (Outer Works and Keep), as well as Dungeon levels 1-10, and separate sub-tables for human types (to get more monsters on the tables), dragons, and oddities (random magical effects, traps, etc.). It's also got a little sub-table for motivations for creatures (hunting, slaving, returning to lair, etc.) and NPC party strength (how beat up are they, how many spells and magic items have they exhausted)

Download it here or from my sidebar.

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