Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Weekend Stuff

It's Sunday night here, I'm a little bit sick, and fairly stressed out about some work stuff.  But I figured I should post a bit anyway.

Got a double-shot of Sigurd-esque dragonslaying today.  I finished reading The Children of Hurin, and finally got around to watching The Barbarians.

For those of you who maybe don't know, Sigurd is the hero of the Volsungasaga, the Icelandic version of the German Nibelungenlied (made famous by Wagner's opera).   It's about how Sigurd slays the dragon Fafnir, takes his cursed treasure, then gets involved with valkyries, a pair of brothers who covet the treasure and the valkyrie, and even Attila the Hun.  It's one of those stories I think should be on an Appendix N type reading list.  Good fodder for any gamer.

Anyway, watching the Barbarians, I'm reminded of how cool the character called Dirtmaster is.  Just look at this guy.

Dirtmaster will definitely have to appear as an NPC sometime soon in a game I run.


  1. Oh yeah, Dirtmaster looks to be perfect for some NPC action!

  2. Yeah...but what level Dirtmaster is he?

  3. Isn't that the guy from one of the later "The Hills have Eyes" movies?

  4. Trey, isn't Dirtmaster a 3rd level Gardener?

    Limpey--Michael Berryman, and he was in the original The Hills Have Eyes as well.