Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Barbarians

Last night I downloaded* the 1987 campy fantasy movie The Barbarians. Haven't rewatched it yet, but as with the Allan Quatermain movies, I know it's crap but I sure had fun watching it when I was young.

Mostly what I remember are the weird gypsy circus freaks that the twins grew up with, gladiatorial combat with the helmeted oppressors, brooding & cackling villain, sexy thief chick along with the barbarian brothers, and borrowing Sigurd's dragonslaying technique (can't fault them there, Tolkien also borrowed it).

Yeah, I'm a fan of campy B cinema. There's a reason movies like Conan the Destroyer or Van Helsing end up in my DVD collection.

*the movie's never been released on DVD, if it were I'd have bought it. If it ever is released, I likely WILL buy it.


  1. It's a classic! Thanks for reminding me of this one :)

  2. Sure, it's a cheesy B movie...but it's AWESOME! I'd like to see this released on DVD too. Just imagine if they could get the "Barbarian Brothers" to lay down a commentary track to go with it.

    Anyway, someone uploaded the whole movie to Youtube in segments, so if you do a search for it on Youtube, anyone interested should be able to watch it that way.