Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny what a change to the definite article will do

You've likely seen my Unique Magic Weapons documents over on the right side of the screen. Some of you have even downloaded them and given me a small amount of praise for them. Thanks, by the way!

Using them, plus this awesome idea from Netherworks, the Old School Heretic, plus the definite article, and magic items become a whole lot cooler.

Using my documents, weapons armor and wands/staves/rods become unique items with a bit of personalized flair.

Using Netherworks' idea, scrolls and potions if you extend it to them, become a bit more mysterious and fun.

Then where does the definite article come in?

Simple. For Miscellaneous Magic Items (and Rings until I get around to making a Unique Magic Rings document), simply add the article "the" to the front of the name, and never drop more than one of each item in the campaign, and they get valued as well.

The Bag of Holding is much more important to have than 'a bag of holding.'

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