Monday, March 17, 2014

So I rewired it... (March Madness Day 17)

17 Which RPG has the best high tech rules? Why?

It's not OSR, but again I enjoyed the system presented in d20 Modern/d20 Future. It had different tech levels, modular additions to many standard items, and a well-presented system for creating different future settings by the styles and types of tech in the game.

Basically, I liked it because it took some normal base items, and then gave long lists of upgrades, modifications, and alterations that could be done to the items. Since d20 Modern used an abstract Wealth score instead of tracking actual cash on hand, it was fairly easy to work in such a system. If the alteration was big enough and high tech enough, it added to the price a set amount. If the base item was low tech enough, the price dropped, so additions could be added and you'd pay the same as in a 20th/21st Century game.

Again, the toolkit nature of d20 Future really hit my buttons, since when I think sci fi gaming, I may want something hard sci fi one day, space opera the next, sword and planet the month after...

There may well be better high tech rules out there, but in my limited experience, this was a good way to do it (as compared to Star Frontiers, which has a small selection of stuff that seemed high tech in the late 70's, or Gamma World where high tech items are loot like D&D magic items).

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