Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dralasite, Human, Vrusk, Yazirian? (March Madness Day 2)

2 What was the first character you played in an RPG other than D&D? How was playing it different from playing a D&D character?

I don't really remember my first Star Frontiers character. He/She/It probably died trying to fight some robot or Sathar agents or something. I have a few memorable characters from my old SF game, but if one of them was the first I created, I couldn't say.  It was probably a Yazirian, since Larry Elmore's cover art featured them.

How was playing Star Frontiers different from D&D? Well, for one thing, the skill system meant that you could have all kinds of character types without much limitation. Sure, it cost lots of points for your Combat PSA character to learn robotics or become a medic, but it was allowed. There were no weapon/armor restrictions. The alien races for the most part felt alien, unlike demi-humans in D&D. That's not to say that we necessarily played them as truly alien, but I at least had a sense that choosing to be a vrusk was somehow more different from human than choosing to be an elf was from being human.

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