Thursday, December 9, 2010

Surprise Purchase

When I came home yesterday, my wife had a surprise for me. 

She had purchased a large table and 8 chairs from a used furniture dealer.  The reason is that we're teaching some small group lessons in our apartment in the evenings, and one of the students is partially disabled--bad legs.  Sitting on the floor Asian style isn't good for his legs.  And my wife also thought having a table looked more professional (I agree).

So anyway, I'm happy about that and all, but what went through my head when I saw the table set up in the spare room was not, "Hey, that'll be great for class." 

It was "Hey, that's perfect to play D&D around!"

And it is. 

This is turning into a very good week for me!

Oh, and the first draft of the new version of PotA is finished.  Gonna give it an edit, with some advice from Paul, then do a bit more formatting and font selection. 


  1. We've just bought a new 6seater and I kept looking at the width to try and work out if the larger levels of Space Hulk would fit.

  2. Luckily I have a sweet round dinner table that seats six and has a lazy susan inset into the middle. Very good for gaming.

    Congrats on your luck as well.

  3. When I see PotA I always think of Planet of the Apes.

  4. @Anon--actually, that was semi intentional. When Paul, Mark and I first started throwing out ideas for this game, we put in references to lots of post-apoc movies and books.

    Some of the powers included Books of the Lawgiver (still in it), the last of the V8 Interceptors (gone, unfortunately) from Mad Max, Gunslinger revolvers from Stephen King's Dark Tower series, stuff like that.

    It's also intended to sound similar to POTUS, the Secret Service abbreviation.

  5. It is a good week for you, indeed. Very cool. Congrats on the hard work, writing, as well.