Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not quite a New Years Resolution

More ninja on the blog! 

Of course, you won't see them.  You won't hear them.  You won't know they're here until they totally freak out and cut off your head for dropping your spoon, then wail on their guitars.

But 2011 will likely see an increase in shinobi here on "What a horrible night to have a curse..."  Google's been sending ninja fans my way, I might as well make some sort of attempt to please them. 

Don't worry, though, it should have no impact on my normal RPG posts.

By the way, does it seem like some people are taking their gaming a bit too seriously?  People claiming the 'best dungeon ever published is really only mediocre to good' or how the OD&D equipment lists are fucking up the game for over 30 years, or the 'social mechanics' discussion even I participated in still kicking around.

Meanwhile, I plan to give you plenty more Bumbles and silly videos and tales of WWF wrestlers battling the undead in the new year.  Oh, and Presidents of the Apocalypse will be coming soon, as well.

And if I start taking either my gaming or my blogging too seriously, I've ordered the ninja to step in and take control.


  1. Go Bumbles. And yeah, I agree in not taking blogging or gaming too seriously. I'm just here for the fun. I already have a job, blogging shouldn't be one of them. Or, at least, not for me. Anyway, Happy 2011, Dennis. I've enjoyed your blog and look forward to many more from you.


  2. I agree - it can sometimes get just a little heavy and intense. Words do mean things and can sometimes make big things happen, but only if they get past us first. I think we have to be quite relaxed about what we read and write. More inspired silliness is definitely needed.

  3. Too seriously? How can anyone take RPG too seriously? Failure of the gaming community to embrace the awesomeness of the d10,000 and the aid it would be to gaming shows how few people are capable of approaching RPG seriously.

    (...insert a humor emote of your choice here...)

  4. Too seriously? TOO SERIOUSLY?!?!? You don't know me! You don't know my life!!!!!


    Agreed on all accounts. And if you want pork chop sandwiches, you might as well enjoy body massage machines.

  5. I missed the equipment list discussion...