Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Group Mini Resurgence

Yesterday I didn't post anything (or get any more of the next EQ book read) because we had a nice little development with the Board Game Group.  We (my wife, son and I, not the group) have been going to a new church with English services just because it's in English and it's a good chance for our son to play with other English speaking kids.  Shallow reasons to attend a church, but the Catholic church here in Korea is just too weird for me. 

Anyway, one of the guys who's heavily involved in the new church's affairs came up to me after the service.  He knows Dave, and told me that he learned through Dave that I'm into board games and RPGs.  I hadn't been advertising myself as a gamer, but I wasn't trying to hide it either.  I'm not too concerned about religious types having negative views of D&D or anything.  Honestly, no one had really asked me about my hobbies until yesterday.  Anyway, it turns out that Joe is a big board gamer.  He said he spends most of his free time at work reading stuff on Board Game Geek, and even though he's had no one to play with, is always telling his wife how he wants to buy this or that new game.

Luckily for Joe, we were already planning to meet yesterday, so I invited him along.  He's really keen to play games, so I'm happy to have him join the group.  Also, that may hopefully get Dave out again.  He's been fairly busy with other stuff, but maybe with Joe coming he'll find some time again. 

Hong, my adult institute student, brought along a couple of friends again, so with me and Pat, we had six.  And if we can get everyone out, we'll have about a dozen people! 

Joe said he's never played D&D, but he's willing to give it a try, too.  So maybe I can get a game going again sometime in the future...  But I really don't have much time so maybe I'd better just let someone else run a game and play in it.

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