Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My biggest day yet

Had the most people ever visiting my site on Sunday.  155 people visited my site.


There is one thing I've been pretty curious about, though.

My Ninja Week article has always been getting a few hits nearly every day.  I guess it's Google search results leading people my way.  But over the weekend, it had a BIG surge.  Is there something going on back in the States about ninja?  Or is it just that Christmas tends to bring out the ninja fan in all of us?  Or is it just the chick in the bikini with katana in hand?

Anyway, according to Google Analytics, that inaugural Ninja Week article is the most viewed page here on "What a horrible night to have a curse..."


  1. I see your Ninja Week
    and raise you the STONE AGE

    I believe people are selecting the STONE AGE (1749 page views) from google search and it has nothing to do with my RPG knowledge

  2. Clovis hit the nail on the head.

    I did a post called The Art of Maps Vol. 1 that has no comments on it and twice to three times the views of anything else on my site. It was like a year ago and I still get views daily.

    People are just looking up 'map' and 'art' and getting me.

  3. Perhaps it's all part of the 1980's revival. Ninjas were big in the 80's!