Thursday, December 2, 2010

Presidents of the Apocalypse is coming!!

I got a fair amount of revision done on my latest version of Presidents of the Apocalypse.

For those who missed it, this is a silly little game that my Yamanashi crew put together.  The premise is that after the Apocalypse, various Founding Fathers or other famous folks rise from the ashes to battle evil.  Our original version was a modified version of the PDQ system (which I'd seen in a game called Questers of the Middle Realm).  Instead of the normal PDQ system of players deciding on their 'descriptive qualities' we made three random d100 charts: Mutations, Mental Powers, and Technology.  Players got to roll a bunch of times on the charts they wanted, then battle robots, mutants, and redcoats in the blasted wastelands.

It didn't work out quite how we expected.  Character creation was a ton of fun.  Game play was really incoherent.  We've revised it a time or two, and play tested.  Still haven't gotten it right.

Well, I'm giving it another shot.  Hopefully, this time I've got a system that is more intuitive for players to figure out what they're supposed to do.  It's still got lots of crazy random powers, but players get a bit more choice about how they create their characters and more of an idea of what sort of roles they're supposed to play in the game.

Anyway, here are some scans of the original play test.  This was Mark's last night gaming with us.  I only have 4 of the character sheets, but this will give all of you an idea what you can expect from the final product.

Andy Jackson, played by Jacob Paul
Lady Bird Johnson, played by Atley

Thomas Jefferson, played by Mark

William Henry Harrison, played by Josh

Edit: Paul just informed me that cybernetic ass Andy Jackson was his character. There's no player name on the sheet, and I thought the art work looked like Jacob's.

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