Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Kung Fu is Strong

Just finished the first draft of the first three levels of martial arts maneuvers for Flying Swordsmen RPG (for those not in the know, Dragon Fist, which I'm sim-cloning, has a chart similar to spell acquisition charts for all characters to learn these maneuvers as they advance in level):


Fists of Steel [Improved Damage 1]: Increase unarmed damage to 1d6.

Hornet's Sting [Stun]: Attack at -2, and the target hit must save vs. paralyzation or be stunned for 1 round. Stunned characters cannot perform a stunt and suffer -4 to AC.

Little Whirlwind [Increase Speed]: When making Acrobatics stunts, increase speed by 10x the stunt die result in feet for that round.

Monkey's Dance [Withdraw]: Do not draw attacks when leaving melee at full speed if an Acrobatics stunt is made for the round.

Snatch the Pebble [Improved Called Shot]: -2 penalty to called shots, instead of the normal -4 penalty.

Spider Scuttle [Prone Fighting]: Suffer no penalties when in a prone position.

Swaying Grass Stance [First Stance]: AC increases to 12.

Tiger Vault [Leaping]: Jump 20' plus 1' per level, even from a dead stop.

Tumbling Leaves [Lessen Fall]: Ignore falls of 20 feet or less, half damage from greater falls.

Waves on the Beach [Instant Stand]: Stand from a prone position without losing actions for the round.


Cleanse the Chi [Healing]: Once per day, the character may regain 2 hit points per level.

Dragon and Tiger [Extra Attack]: The character may make one extra attack with an off hand weapon or martial arts each round with no penalties to hit.

Felling Trees [Trip/Throw]: A successful attack at -2 to hit knocks the opponent prone. Prone targets suffer -4 to AC and must spend one round to get up.

Fists of Jade [Improved Damage 2]: Increase unarmed damage to 1d8.

Grab the Serpent's Tail [Disarm]: A successful attack at -2 to hit disarms the opponent. A second attack roll allows the attacker to decide where the weapon goes, otherwise it flies 2d6 feet in a random direction.

Immortal's Sight [Perception]: Detect opponents on all sides equally, unless hidden or invisible.

Secret of the Trigram [Fast Spellcasting]: When casting spells, increase initiative by +1. Only Shamans and Wizards may learn this maneuver.

Stone Ox Charge [Breakthrough]: When making Fortitude stunts, wooden walls and similar obstructions do not hinder movement or cause damage when breaking through them.

Way of Water Stance [Second Stance]: AC increases to 14, +1 if Swaying Grass Stance is also known.


Cloud Somersault [Flight]: Fly 60'+10'/level. Must land at the end of each round or fall.

Iron Skin [Damage Reduction]: Take half damage from the selected type of weapon: blunt, missile, piercing, slashing. Magical weapons always do full damage.

Phoenix Strike [Double Damage]: Attack at -4, and if successful roll double the normal damage dice (before modifiers).

Secret of the Zodiac [Resist Magic]: +2 bonus to saving throws against magical spells and effects.

Shooting Star Strike [Lesser Immobilize]: Attack at -4, and the target hit must save vs. paralyzation or be immobilized for 1 round. Immobilized characters cannot perform any actions and are automatically hit.

Twin Viper Strike [Double Attack]: When making Acrobatics stunts, on a successful attack, a second opponent adjacent to the target struck with equal or lower AC also takes damage.

Twisting Bamboo Stance [Third Stance]: AC increases to 16, +1 for each lesser stance known.


None of this is OGC yet. It's still in draft phase. But then I don't care if anyone wants to borrow it for their home game.

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