Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flying Swordsmen RPG July Update

It's going slow, but I'm making my way through the spells right now. I'm wondering how close I can get on some of the spell names. Obviously the most evocative and setting related spell names need to be changed, but something simple like "Ice Blast" could surely stay as is without causing copyright issues, shouldn't it?

As with the martial arts maneuvers, I'm again torn between having to come up with evocative new names, or just use boring technical names with the advice that players and DMs should come up with their own color. So far I've changed a few names, but if I start adding in new evocative names for the spells Pramas created (or renamed from the D&D base), the more I want all the spells to have evocative names.

Well, it's only the first draft. And I've got no deadlines for when I need to get it done. Maybe I need to give myself a deadline that I can fail to meet to get me more motivated...

1 comment:

  1. I'd suggest changing all the names. It sounds like you'd enjoy doing it, and as someone who wants to see the finished product, I'd appreciate the more vocative names already being there.