Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Strange Locations

I downloaded the D&D cartoon a little while back. Haven't gotten to watch it much because my son (2 years old) doesn't find it as interesting as the X-Men cartoon was (got that one on DVD).

Watching it, though, I'm constantly reminded that my RPG world creation often suffers from too many mundane pseudo-historical locations, and not enough weird gonzo locations like the River that Flows Upside Down or the Forest of Know Trees, not to mention cool locations like the Hall of Bones or Dragon's Graveyard.

It's hard to get a good balance of mundane and crazy that doesn't devolve into silliness. Or at least I worry about the setting starting to seem silly. Well, maybe once my son's a few years older I'll be able to finally let go and embrace the silliness as he starts to play.


  1. Yours and mine both. I err on the side of psuedo-historical way too much these days. This is after I had a single, disastrous, experience with maximal fantasy and found it extremely silly and not at all satisfying, much like a dinner composed entirely of sugar.

    To each his own, though.

  2. Ultimately it is just a game... not a historical recreation, not even a serious alternate world. Just do what is fun and what works with you and your players, and rationalize it by saying "this is not any kind of reality"! Look at the craziness that came out of so many old school campaigns, Gygax's included.