Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unique Magic Weapons

Well, they ain't pretty, but they're complete. And I haven't bothered to do any more editing in the past four months or so, so I guess I'm about satisfied with them.

What am I talking about? Look over on the right, above the blog's co-pilot and you'll see links to my three freebie documents designed to make DMing a little easier, and the game a little cooler for the players.

They're my Unique Magic Items series. I've been using them in my recent games as the ONLY magic weapons, wands/staves/rods and armors/shields that will be encountered. They've all got names (taken from a wide variety of fiction, cinema, video games, mythology, and general pop culture), descriptions, often a bit of history or fluff that can be fodder for rumors.

Of course you don't need to use them the way I do, you can always just use them as the specials among the mundane +1 swords and wands of paralyzation if you want. But hopefully players will feel a bit more attached to these items as they're given names and descriptions to work with.

Most of them come from the normal treasure tables, but there are a few specials I invented. Have fun with them!


  1. Many, many thanks for putting these up for download. Really nice work!

  2. This is really cool. No kidding. I like it a lot!