Thursday, July 15, 2010

War games, coming soon?

Pat just sent a message to us on Facebook. He'll be back in a couple weeks, and bringing a bunch of his board games with him.

He's decided he doesn't want to continue running a 4E campaign (I'm cheering!), after seeing more of the system in action and not really liking it. But he did propose bringing the books and occasionally breaking them out for a big tactical minis board-based war game scenario every now and then.

I'd been thinking I'd like to try out the Chainmail rules (I can print them and spiral bind them at work for free), and I'm always up for Heroclix or Pirates of the [splat]. So maybe instead of RPGs we can get some war gaming going. Not sure where the best location for that would be. If we didn't finish up in one session, my son would wreck everything in a matter of minutes if they were here. Well, we have time to think about it, and it depends on enough of the others being interested enough to try.

The wife and I saw Shrek Forever After tonight, I'll likely write a review of it tomorrow.

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  1. SHREK FOREVER looks like a train wreck.

    I gotta muster up the wherewithal to run CONAN. I'm in such a funk right now when it comes to gaming. Josh and Alex want me to run. Maybe I'll get around to prepping things this weekend, and I have to scout out Momo's to see if running there would be okay (I haven't been there in weeks).