Friday, July 9, 2010

My Kung Fu is Stronger

Finished up the rewrites of the level 4 and 5 maneuvers last night. Here they are:

Blade Tempest [Whirlwind Attack]: Instead of normal attacks, make one melee attack against each opponent within range, up to the attacking character's level in targets.
Demon's Reflexes [Initiative Boost]: Add +2 to the speed of all actions performed.
Fists of Heaven [Improve Damage 3]: Increase unarmed damage to 1d10.
Immortal's Feet [Light Step]: The character may walk on water, bamboo branches, etc. without touching the ground or leaving footprints.
Moving Wave Fist [Chi Blast]: Make ranged chi attacks, damage 1d12, range 60', speed 4.
Touch of the Yellow Springs [Debilitate]: An opponent hit must save vs. poison (with a -2 penalty) or lose 1 point of Constitution immediately, and each day thereafter (a save is allowed, at -2, each day). This continues until the character dies or receives a Cure Disease spell. Using this maneuver counts as an average speed (4) major action, not as an attack. No other attacks may be made in the same round.

Chi Leech [Absorb Life]: Heal an amount of hit points equal to that just inflicted by one attack each day.
White Tiger Smash [Triple Damage]: Attack at -6, and if successful roll triple the normal damage dice (before modifiers).
Green Dragon's Touch [Cure Disease]: Cure any one disease magically, once per week.
Yellow Unicorn Strike [Greater Immobilize]: Attack at -4, and the target hit must save vs. paralyzation or be immobilized for 1d4+1 rounds. Immobilized characters cannot perform any actions and are automatically hit.
Red Phoenix Stance [Final Stance]: AC increases to 18, +1 for each lesser stance known.
Way of the Black Tortoise [Damage Immunity]: Take no damage from the selected type of weapon: blunt, missile, piercing, slashing. Magical weapons always do normal damage.

There's one new maneuver that wasn't in Dragon Fist, Demon Reflexes, that adds +2 to initiative. I figured it seemed like an appropriate power for a martial arts game, and also means there are equal numbers of level 4 and level 5 maneuvers, rather than more of the higher level.

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