Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When life gives you lemons

...or at least the local supermarket has them on sale,

ya gotta make some lemonade!

The lemonade is now chilling in the fridge.

Man, I've had a whole lot of nothing inspiring this past week or so.  Maybe the fresh squeezed lemonade will help.  Otherwise, I'm afraid this blog may turn into a Seinfeld blog...about nothing.

It'll help if we finally get our Gamma World game going again this weekend.


  1. Well, I'm kinda partial to old Cave Johnson's opinion on what to do when life gives you lemons: http://youtu.be/g8ufRnf2Exc

  2. No no no.

    Charlie Harper said it best.

    "Alan, you know what you do when life gives you lemons? You SUCK'M"

  3. The lemonade I made was pretty good, but a bit too sweet. Less sugar next time.

    Some incendiary lemons could come in useful, though. You know, there are some people who wake up with a lemon...on fire!!! G.I. JOOOOOEEEEE!!!!