Thursday, July 14, 2011

I say we take off and nuke the place from orbit

Well, I just made my Google profile "public."  I doubt I'll bother with Google+.  I'm on Facebook, it's enough annoyance for me.  It seems like every time they try to improve it, it's actually just adding stuff I don't need.

People are saying Google+ will be different, and at first, sure it will be.  But over time, if it catches on, it'll become more and more the same.

Anyway, I should be set for the Great Blogger Purge of 2011 now. 


  1. Nuke it from orbit?

    It's the only way to be sure!

  2. Dude, I never thought that I'd be so "old" at 35...but I have to tell you, I got no interest in that newfangled Google+, sonny! I just got meself aclimatized to this hear Blogger doohickey!

    Seriously, though...not interested in moving over to the new shiny. Hope I don't get evicted though. That's my only concern with all of this: is Blogger going to get the ax?

    Word verification: cowskin

  3. @DRANCE: I'm not too concerned with it disappearing, but I'm expecting Google+ to slowly assimilate everything.

    I'm currently getting set up at Tumblr. The 'Social Networking' thing is a bit too much for me, as well.

  4. They say Blogger will just be renamed. But they also say any private profiles will be deleted. So you may have a blog but no profile to use to log into it. Worst case scenario, your blog gets deleted with your private profile.


  5. I set this up for anyone who gets lost, wants to post their new home url, post alt services for blogging, etc.

    Scroll to the bottom for the blogging area and share this if you will...just in case...

    My back up go to is Tumblr...I already have a few dormant accts there and it looks like they have added a lot of features since I last looked, where to look for web based mail...that's a tough one...just in case :)