Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bum ending to a bum week

So there's no games going on this weekend.

We were scheduled to play Gamma World, but Pat and Alex were out, so Josh didn't want to run it without Pat, since we're nearing the end of the module.

I suggested we do some playtests of Flying Swordsmen, and Jeremy is now wanting to put together a RIFTS game so he wanted to just discuss options.  I'm not so sure I wanna play RIFTS, but I'll hear him out.

Anyway, then Josh's hard drive crashed so he's got to get all the data retrieved.  And my son is now running a fever.

Jeremy is hoping to put together some board games or something now, it looks like, but there's not many left to play with.

Oh well, assuming my son goes to sleep early and sleeps soundly, at least I can get some writing done tonight, and maybe watch some more of the Sarah Connor Chronicles (two episodes into the first season now).


  1. Play some HeroQuest, son!

  2. Sorry to hear of your gaming woes but you know how the best laid plans of mice and men, etc., etc.

    Still, any time not gaming is a perfect time to develop ideas for a game. :)

  3. Hope you got some writing done. That's always good.