Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet the Wizards of GamMarvel World

GamMarvel World?  Marvel Future?  You know, the idea for a GW/MF game set in the future of the Marvel Universe I've been going on about.

I've made some notes on four Wizards for the game.  Keep in mind that the idea of the Wizards comes from the old Thundarr the Barbarian cartoon, in which they were keepers of both super-science and sorcery.  I've got more notes than what I'm sharing here, but here's a taste of what players might have heard about this fearsome foursome (not to imply that they work together, they're all staunch rivals, of course!)

Dr. Wyrd, Sorcerer Supreme (alternately, Dr. Dwimmerlaik, Sorcerer Supreme)
Known as The Traveler, it is said he could show up anywhere or any time.  He has been known to waylay adventurers, go throuh their artifacts for certain items he's interested in - or sometimes taking all of them - and then disappear.  Other times, his live metal servants are sent to retrieve ancient items on his behalf.

This mutant is believed to have vast mental powers due to its oversized brain.  It is said that it lives far to the north, in a fortress of ice or crystal which enhances its already formidible mental powers.

Xing Yuan
This wizard is known to send out his army, the Ravagers, to capture mutants and return them to his Tower.  Some are never seen again, others are later released.  Those that are released speak of inhuman experiments done to them, and of a sinister Voice that guides Xing Yuan in his work.

Baroness Samedi
This wizard resides in a partially restored ruin in the Sand Lands, where she is gathering a force for unknown ends.  It is said that she can cure any ill, and even return the dead to life, but will only do so for strange prices that few are willing to pay.

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