Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aftermath Factions

I took the long bus that loops around the upper Haeundae area after work this evening on my way to a private lesson.  While on the bus, I took notes for seven different factions for my GamMarvel World game in planning.

One thing I really enjoyed about Justin's Vaults of Ur was encountering different groups and trying to befriend, oppose or outwit them to our own ends.  So I figure I'll do the same in this sandbox setting.  I didn't want to just use the Cryptic Alliances from the book though.  I've used them before, and they build conflict into the setting. 

The problem for me is that I want this game to start a bit less understood than previous GW games I've run.  So I won't be posting the factions here.  There may be some rumors of them given to the players when I start the game, but discovering them will be part of the exploration process.

Only two are based on stuff from comics.  The rest are my mental babies.

The next step will probably be figuring out details of two or three Wizards.  I may need to watch a bit of Thundarr and Masters of the Universe for inspiration.

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