Friday, February 24, 2012

Proud of my boy!

Last night, when I got home from work, my son said to me, "Daddy, Disney Channel!"  Meaning, of course, 'I wanna watch some cartoons.'  I asked him if he wanted to watch cartoons in English or Korean (our actual Disney Channel switched to dubbed Korean a few months back, instead of the old English with Korean subtitles that most Korean kids that age can't read).  My son opted for English cartoons last night (meaning stuff I've downloaded and put on a USB stick to slot into the DVD player). 

When I put it in, he decided he wanted to watch Dungeons & Dragons.  Yes, the old cartoon from the 80's.  He's quickly become a fan of it.  After 2 episodes, he watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and one episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.  Then it was time for bed.

Tonight, he again asked me, "Daddy, English Disney Channel!  I want to see Dungeons & Dragons!"  Boy, was I stoked!  Then he said, "No Holly."  Slight bummer.  That meant no Land of the Lost (of course the original 70's one!).  Still, while we lacked in sleestaks, we made up for it with orcs, lizard men, and Venger!  We rewatched the same episodes as yesterday (and the Spider-Man episode as well). 

And while we were eating dinner, my son came running up with a blanket over his head.  I asked if he was Sheila the Thief, and he said no, he was Flynn the Thief. 

Now I really can't wait until he's old enough to game!  Just a few more years...


  1. Man that is great! Stay on target...

  2. So cool. So much joy being shared there.

  3. I'd bet his generation will be able to get an online gaming group together as easily as it was to get a table-top gaming group. The D&D cartoon, that is excellent.

  4. I took a brief break from parenting to organize a D20 Burlesque show in which one of the performers played Shiela the Thief taking off her cloak of invisibility. Now unfortunately the D&D cartoon is no longer kid-safe for me!

  5. Happy to hear that the old D&D cartoon crew may get a chance to come out of retirement sometime in the future. We got a lot of fun gaming stuff from that show.

  6. The D&D cartoon is actually holding up in my opinion as something watchable. Unlike the Gummi Bears cartoon, which we also have downloaded. At least the first couple of episodes of GBs left me unimpressed. My son doesn't seem to like it much, either. Too bad, because we also managed to pull a lot of gaming inspiration out of Gummi Bears, too.

    Thundarr is on the list of stuff to watch, but so far he hasn't been too interested in it. Maybe when he's a bit older...