Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not the Gamma Terra I know, but

It does look pretty fun.

Josh sent us a message today.  He's got the box set, is reading it over, and will be back in Korea in a couple of weeks.  He even said he got a few good ideas on how to make it work well from my blog.

I know I'm usually down on 4E D&D, from what little I've tried of it.  But this looks different.  It looks like it's not pretending that it isn't a tactical war game first and an RPG second.  And it's got plenty of 'random.'  Gamma World just isn't Gamma World in my book without lots of randomness in character generation.

So I'm definitely looking forward to playing this.


  1. Make sure to keep us fed with reviews and session reports!

  2. I just picked this up yesterday at Borders. Not gonna lie, I get more excited looking through this than I ever did looking through Mutant Future.

  3. I thought this looked like it might have some potential. It'll be interesting to hear your opinions after you give it a shot.