Monday, November 15, 2010

8-bit Bad Guys: Who are your favorites?

So if I'm gonna make a monster book drawing inspiration from old 'pre-Playstation' games, I want to know what are some of your favorites?

Atari/Coleco/Intellivision era, NES era, SNES/Genesis era, and of course arcade and computer games from the same eras.

Post your top 5, top 10, or whatever.  And they don't necessarily need to be fantasy themed games.  There are enough 'sci fi' beasties in D&D already (displacer beasts!), so if Megaman or Bad Dudes is your favorite, go ahead and post it.


  1. 1. Megaman 2
    2. Castlevania 1 - 3
    3. Super Mario 1 & 3
    4. Final Fantasy I, IV, and V
    5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Those are mine.

  2. Octorok, Like-Like, 3-headed Zelda Dragon, Spinny desert zelda monster, flying pinwheel zelda monster... Original Zelda in general.

  3. 1. The Duck-Dragons of Atari Adventure.
    2. That damn bat from the same.

  4. The Wumpus (Hunt the Wumpus, TI-99/4A version)

    Flying Medusa heads, Hunchback-dropping eagles, etc. from Castlevania.

    Umm... actually, I can't think of many 8-bit monsters. Not many that are good ones, anyhow.

    Ooh! Metroids, I guess, would be great... and the minibosses of that game, too.

    Maybe some of the really weird creatures from Karnov?

    Ubiquitous 80's video game ninjas?

  5. Oh, and that damn dog from Duck Hunt. Give him HP and AC please so we can finally do him in!

  6. There are a lot of cool monsters in Phantasy Star I-IV. Same with the NES Dragon Quest/Warrior games. Some of the crazier stuff pulled from those would be nice additions. Maybe throw Kin Korn Karn from Pro Wrestling in there somehow. :)

  7. Some great ideas, here, folks! Of course, I'm going to need exactly 256 monsters, for reasons I'm sure you all are aware of. This should help spur me on my way.

  8. Ghosts and Goblins had some cool monsters, also there was this Tiger game called Karamasov or something with a big fat Russian that breathed fire; don't know why but that guy sounds like a great monster.
    There were not many really scary 8bit games, but for monsters: the centipede. Apparently you play an archer in that game fighting a giant centipede.
    But the cake in awesome sounding monsters goes to Rygar. Garaga, Red Worms, Those lizard flying things, the lazuli guy up in the clouds and the weird meditating giants, with weird awesome music to boot.