Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bit of Gaming, Bit of Prep, Bit of Procrastination

Woke up this morning wondering what I should do today.

The Board Game Group is finally starting to meet again, but we failed to get critical mass for this afternoon, so no board games.

On Wednesday, I started drawing up maps for level 3 of my 'new and improved' megadungeon.  Still need to do lots of stocking on level 1 as well.  If my son takes a nap at the right time, maybe I'll work on that.

Reading the final volume of Lankhmar stories, so I may just finish "The Mouser Goes Below" instead.

"Flying Swordsmen RPG" will eventually make it out, but I'm feeling a bit uninspired by it at the moment.  Maybe it's time to rewatch a few wuxia movies.

Got an idea, based on the popularity of my pre-Halloween Castlevania monster write-ups.  A free supplement for D&D/S&W/LL that will compile lots of video game monsters from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.  Eggplant Wizards, chicken dragons, octorocks, lobbers and more!

The November sumo tournament starts today, and with my current work schedule Sundays are the only day I can watch, so I will be sure to catch it, no matter what else.

Will be writing up the last of the planned "Tackling the Megadungeon" posts tonight, and thanks to zanazaz, I'll be posting a 'bonus mission' tomorrow.


  1. That video game monsters idea sounds pretty cool. There could be some neat and usable creatures in there, unlike ones already in D&D.

  2. good to hear about the boardgame thing. who is all coming these days?

  3. "That video game monsters idea sounds pretty cool."

    A thousand times YES.

  4. Josh--I got some of my students from Pagoda and one guy from the radio station (now a fellow firee from the radio station) to come. A week ago, Pat, Alex, Steve, one of the Pagoda guys and a friend of his all came out.

    Dave C.--if you're reading this, my fault for not inviting you. I completely forgot to add you to the FB message, and kept wondering why you didn't reply. Then on game day I realized I hadn't included you. Sorry!