Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tooting my own horn?

I usually don't talk about my radio show on the blog.  The blog's for my hobby, and my radio show is a) for kids, b) for non-English speakers.  I assume the vast majority of people reading this blog (aside from a few people who seem to get directed here by search engines to my Ninja Week posts maybe) are adults and English speakers.

Anyway, there's a Korean social networking site similar to Facebook or Myspace called CyWorld, and a blogger there was writing about my show.  One of the Korean portal sites has my face up on their main page because of that blog.  Kinda cool.

Here's the blog.  Of course if you don't speak Korean, you can try an online translator to see what they're saying.

And I guess since I'm mentioning it, might as well plug our radio station.  You can listen to it worldwide over the internet.  Busan e-FM radio.  My show's called All Aboard English, and like I said, unless you're a kid and/or learning English as a second language, it likely won't be too interesting for you. 

Also, for the next 10 days, during the Pusan International Film Festival, we're taking a break for special PIFF shows.  So if you want to listen live, wait until Oct. 18th, 10:00 AM Korea time.

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