Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keystone Treasure Examples

A while back I wrote about an idea for 'Keystone Treasures' or named items of value within a dungeon or wilderness that serve as hooks to get players interested in exploring.

The idea is that any dungeon should have a few special items--gems, jewelry, art objects, heirlooms, etc.--that can be used in rumors, as the object of 'quests' assigned by an NPC, or as the treasure hidden at the X on the treasure map.  Of course, magic items can also be used this way, but I'm talking about items of monetary value only, with no real use in further adventures.

I see them as basically a way to telegraph to the players a goal for their explorations.  Wanna level up?  Here's some phat loot that will garner you lots of XP.  Ignore the kobolds on the left and the five headed hydra on the right, go for the gold!

On the subway this evening, I pulled out my handy pocket notebook and jotted down the following names for some Keystone Treasures to put into my megadungeon's early levels.  I figure with 100-150 rooms on a level, about 10 per should be good, along with 5 or so permanent magic items. 

  • Eye of the Frost Troll
  • Baroness Lysette's Brooch
  • Jewel of Vendredi
  • Harun-Sha's Amulet
  • Golden Calf of J'Sibob
  • Edreal's Heirloom Mirror
  • Green Goblet
  • Coronette of Valegosh
  • Dagmar's Mead Horn
  • Serpent Idol of Toralesh
  • Oberon's Emerald
  • Ivory Bust of Pallas
  • Jirto's Star
  • Sacred Stone of Ravalpindi
  • Royal Sword of Kel
  • Dragon Mask of Brakis
  • Mantle of Sir Bartolek
  • Pearl of the Mist Dragon
  • Sorcerer's Cauldron
  • Lost Jewel of Nabooti
  • Scepter of Olden Lords
  • Caliope's Necklace
  • Rainbow Gem
  • Golden Apple of Hypernia
  • Tooth of Glaurung
  • Helm of the Chaste Knight
  • Bracelet of Contessa Vey
  • Glass of Sycorax
I haven't set values to any of these yet, but likely they'd all be priced high enough to get a standard group a fair way towards their next level.

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