Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm a PLAYER again!

David over at Tower of the Archmage has kindly started a new play-by-post game in his megadungeon.  I'm his first guinea pig, and I invited my friends from the Yamanashi Group to join us. 

My character in it is Findlug the Anchorite, a Lawful Cleric with a twisted body.  He's in the dungeons searching for a magical fountain that can cure his deformities. 

I never would have thought up a fun character like Findlug without the fun of 3d6 in order.

Str 13
Int 10
Wis 14
Dex 4
Con 7
Cha 11

That's right, folks, a Dex of 4, plus Con of 7.  So despite his great strength, this guy is slow, clumsy, and wooden, and none too healthy, either.  Kinda like Quasimodo mixed with Doc Holiday.  Except a Cleric who spent most of his life sequestered on a small subarctic ocean studying religious texts.

He's likely to die soon (with only 50 starting gold, half of which went for his holy symbol, he only has leather armor meaning he breaks even at AC 9!), but I'm hoping he doesn't.  Maybe one of these days, if he lives, he'll find that fountain that will bring him up just a bit higher in the Dex or Con...


  1. that sounds like a challenging character.

  2. Maybe a challenge, but one I'm up to. Luckily it's Classic D&D rather than something like 3E where every ability score matters for every class. I can have Dex and Con as 'dump stats' as long as I stay away from melee. Of course, with a Dex that low, ranged combat isn't going to be my forte either...