Wednesday, September 11, 2019

10th Blogversary: A Decade of WaHNtHaC...

Ten years ago today, I wrote my first post on this blog.

It's been a fun decade. The OSR has gone from a major force among blogs to the big draw of G+ to a diaspora of varying social media/blog outlets. We've gone from nearly 100% hobbyist to having a significant professional presence. We've had all kinds of wacky adventures, battles over minutiae, the "death of the OSR" more times than I can count, friends have been made, and all in all I'm glad to continue to be a part of it.

I've posted a lot of musings, created a lot of monsters, written two OSR games (and made a little money), written a popular series going through Mentzer Basic cover to cover, written a not-so-popular series about how to approach a Megadungeon as a player, and evolved my house rules for Classic D&D along the way. I've even got two or three posts on the Links to Wisdom page. So I guess I'm doing something right. :D

Thanks to all of you Constant Readers.* If no one was reading and commenting, I would have quit a long time ago. As it is, I'm starting to get back into blogging, and hope to have more regular posts going forward.

*Stephen King, please don't sue me for using that phrase!


  1. You deserve to be proud. Great accomplishment!!

  2. Re: "Constant Readers"
    "Uncle Stevie" got that from Dorothy Parker, so I think you're OK, Dennis...

    10 years is no small feat - I'm having enough trouble getting 10 posts out.

  3. Happy blogaversary (or however you want to spell that)

  4. Congrats! Hope for another 10 years of Porkins as my Co-Pilot.
    : )

  5. Congratulations Dennis! A momentous occasion indeed!