Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation's Over

I finished my first day back at work after an entire week off.  Unlike public school teachers, Korean kindergartens are for profit affairs, and that means I get one week in the summer, one week in winter. When every other damn person in Korea also has vacation, so it's pointless to try traveling.  At least not on the money I'm making and with the grad school tuition I have to pay (which is incredibly cheap compared to grad school in the States, but I've digressed from my digression so I'll stop now).

Anyway, the week was nice, eventful, and allowed me to catch up on some lacking daddy time that my son needed.  It also meant I was away from the blogs for the most part, so I didn't post anything.

Didn't do a bit of work on Chanbara either.  I don't know if I'll get around to playtesting this thing after all.  I've got books I need to read in preparation for choosing a dissertation topic on order, due to arrive soon.  Not light reading by a long shot.  That will suck up all of August, I'm afraid.  And then the next semester starts in September, so I'll have to continue the readings for the dissertation selection while doing normal class readings.

Long story short, Chanbara rules are more or less complete and should be playable.  Are they balanced?  Does it matter?  I've still got a bit of setting detail to write up.  A bit of editing.  Formatting and proofreading.  I may manage to slip out an untested version by the end of the year or early next.  And that may be the end of my hobby RPG publishing career.  At least until I either earn my Ph.D. or quit.

On a positive note, I did spend evenings last week working on the mega-dungeon, and after last Saturday's game the guys were asking when we'd play in it again.  So I may find some time to DM it in the coming weeks or months.

Also, yesterday I took my son to the weekly board game meetup (which I usually miss).  After we got home, he wanted to play some games with me, and we did.  This morning, he got up and while I showered he played the games again by himself, just rolling the dice and moving around (snakes and ladders, and a similar rocket themed race game).  My son is finally old enough to grasp rules, and not to get upset when he loses.  And obviously smart enough to have realized that by playing by himself, he's guaranteed to win.  I'm sure we'll be playing all sorts of games within the next few years. 

Anyway, expect a session report from our game last Saturday over the next few days, and hopefully a few other posts about RPG related stuff soon as well.

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