Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In places deep, where dark things sleep

Last Saturday, I brushed the dust off of my DMing skills (the file box where I keep the megadungeon maps, notes and miscellanea being dust free already due to recent work being done on it) and ran my Classic D&D megadungeon for the guys.

I used a bit of time at work last week to spruce up my house rule document, so I was using that as my go-to rules instead of BFRPG, but FLAILSNAILS so for the players I allowed anything within reason.

Dean brought the Venerable Carolus across the Veil from Ur (and being 6th level, he was the powerhouse of the team, even without a hand).
Jeremy played a new Magic-User, Uriah, who scribed tattoo scrolls into his skin.
Justin rolled up a new Halfling named Paisley, who was the life of the party.
Alexei had managed to get Maya Culpar back into her rightful body, so brought her along.

So, L6 Cleric, L3 Elf, L1 M-U and L1 Halfling.  Jeremy and I role played his MU's attempts to charm some henchmen in the days leading up to the expedition, and he ended up with all three: Ferdinand the Bull, Felix the Cat, and Frog the Toad (or "the Three Fs").  Elder Karl again hired mercenary dandies Geisler and Kessel, and loaned them his magical drumstick and stone bow, respectively.

So with a party of nine, they ventured into the dungeons.  Rather than write up what happened, I'll post the three pictures Dean has done of the session, and the portraits Jeremy and Justin did, with a few notes.  ++there's still 100 XP waiting around for anyone else that wants to write up what happened, or draw more pictures++

Justin's PCs, Paisley the Halfling and Lorque the Cleric (from last time we played)
Uriah of the 18 Constitution, Jeremy's PC
A workshop run by the "gnomo-sexuals" where Uriah got fitted for new shoes, and the party got a magi scroll meant for a previous party that suffered a near TPK. 
Nymph and Dryad caryatid columns, fancy wood paneling on the walls.  The next room held medusas...or was it an illusionist with a whispy first growth mustache?
Among the ogre's treasures was a helm of alignment changing.  Paisley's new chaotic nature still left his basic nature unchanged.  His battle cry: "I foresee the worst!"  The Venerable Carolus was able to remove the curse.
Some monsters were slain, some treasures were found, some monsters escaped to fight again, and some mysteries were discovered.  Lots of laughs, which is my biggest measure of success when I run a game.

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  1. i'll draw that satyr statuette soon... mwahahaha