Monday, November 12, 2012

Progress on Presidents of the Apocalypse

With the election just over and Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm plugging away at the latest revision of Presidents of the Apocalypse.  We've always measured the special abilities and powers of the game with "stars" (up to five).  But some powers needed more than one level of ranking, so in this version, I've added "stripes" (also up to five) in addition to the stars. 

Of course, now I've got a bit of a problem that a few non-combat powers don't really need two ranking scales.

Anyway, the change in focus from trying to design a silly post-apoc game to trying to design a silly super-hero game with a post-apoc setting is working well for me.  I've got a better idea now of what the game is supposed to be about.


  1. I can't wait to see this project! Count me in as interested!

  2. Thanks! Of course it'll be a free download once I finally get the kinks worked out (and Paul, my partner in crime, has given it his OK), but if you'd like to play test it when I get the current version completed, let me know your contact info.

    email me at: the_boy_from_illinois [at] yahoo dawt com