Monday, May 30, 2011

Wuxia Films

I've decided that I really ought to get to work on Flying Swordsmen.  I told myself I'd get Presidents of the Apocalypse banged out into a decent shape first, as it's the smaller game, but with a Gamma World game coming up with the guys, I'm not in the mood to totally go post-apoc, even if GW at its wildest and wahooest pales in comparison with the wild and wahoo of PotA. 

POTA: It'll be about 100 times crazier than this
Anyway, today I did some much needed streamlining on the "Running the Game" section for the GM.  I'd been adding in all these cool options and systems for running things before, and then realized, hey, this is a martial arts RPG.  The combat system is sound, and if anyone wants rules for dealing with bureaucrats or investigating the death of a merchant besides the game's default "feat" system (a specialized ability check, nothing like a d20 feat), they can make it themselves.

So cutting things down.  And making notes about the campaign world I'd like to throw in.  I'd originally been thinking I'd make it a bit tool-boxish, with ideas and suggestions for going full-bore fantasy martial arts, historicalish China, and points in between.  Now I'm thinking I'll modify the world I created for my d20 OA game, at least some parts of it, into a fantasy realm for Wuxia adventure. 

The Continent of Zhongyang Dalu...likely this will get done differently physically but similar politically

The game will likely be better for it, and I can always just stick in an appendix of semi-historical China stuff, or release a supplement later, or something.  The setting of the original Dragon Fist made me want to play just reading the fluff text, and I think a game like this stands relatively little chance of getting played without an equally intriguing setting of its own (come on, how many of you played Dragon Fist even once?  I played it twice, and wish I'd been able to play it more.)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this game when it's finished.

  2. Thanks, Brian.

    And re-reading my post this morning, I realized I completely lost track of where I intended to go, not even mentioning the wuxia films of the title of this post.

    Anyway, I'm downloading and watching some of the classics for inspiration.