Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sound and fury, signifying nothing

Wow, has it almost been a week with no blog posts by yours truly?  Well, the blog-quake happened at a good time for me, I had a big paper/presentation for grad school to do over the weekend, and presented Monday night.  Now it's Wednesday morning Busan time, and I've got a few ideas for the blog.  I'll likely just write them up today at work, and schedule them for release over the next week or so. 

What's on my mind?  First, a new idea of what really delineates old school/new school games.  I know this is an old (and pointless, dead horse) debate, but Tim Brannan's "I play everything" banner, and ChicagoWiz's response to it (I assume) got me thinking about it again.  And it's probably more of a 'what I like' blog anyway than anything definitive.

Second, a meta-topic about blogs.  How does our presentation affect the way we're viewed?  I know I'm not the most serious blogger, and having video game and cereal box art as my header shows that off right away.  I'm gonna take a look around the blogosphere and give some opinions on which of the blogs I follow show off their tone.

Third, gaming related and potentially useful (so it'll happen before the other two above less useful posts) would be that I've got nearly 300 ideas for 'Saturday Night Special' encounters for the Megadungeon in my little pocket notebook.  I started transferring them to my netbook on Monday when I had an hour or so after dinner before the presentation.  When I've got them all typed up, I'll post them (warning, many are borrowed, laden with pop culture references, or just plain cheesy).

Fourth, I've got my four Gamma World (92) sample characters done as of last night.  I'll post them up here as well.  And man, I wish I could play all four of them! 


  1. You type it, we'll read it.

    You're lucky you missed the Blogalypse... Google's really blew it.

  2. All I will say regarding the edition wars is that I value an open mind and diversity of experience. I don't read the grumpiest of the OSR blogs because along with their love of 1e and prior, comes a negative tone about any other kind of game published since 1982.

    I point to Ze Bulette's blog as the exact opposite of that. He plays old school but always has an upbeat positive manner.

    FWIW, I like blogs about nothing that are light and fun. I get enough "heavy" in my real life.

  3. I agree with Scottsc, you write it, we'll read it.

    Also, as for the presentation of our blogs, I read almost everything via google reader, so I rarely see how people set up their blogs. As for my own, I mostly aim for useful. I'm more concerned about the stuff I write then how it looks. However, I'm still looking forward to your analysis.

  4. don't change a thing! Keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it! I mean you have freaking CASTLEVANIA coolness on your blog + Count Chocula...and Ninjas! I mean does anybody think a eblog would be better? HELL NO! It's your style-stick with it!

  5. Don't worry, guys, not thinking about changing my style. When I get to that post of my Saturday Night Specials, there will be more cheese than a Danish country festival. That's just my style, and I'm NOT gonna change it.

    But I do get subtle impressions from some blogs of a more serious intent than from others just from the way the blog is organized and presented, while from others it's more about the fun and love of the game. Content may vary from that initial impression, however.

    And about the edition wars, I've tried every edition of D&D now. Some I like, some I don't, but while I'm not shy about which ones I like and which I don't, I'm not gonna drop a turd in another blogger's drink just because they like one I don't. I expect no less from others about my likes and dislikes.

  6. I had a awesome, kick-ass post here. Then I clicked the wrong place and lost it.

    So here is the bullet point version.
    - Awesome logo, ninja stickers are cool.
    - Serious or funny, I read a lot of blogs
    - Mike (ChicagoWiz) has invited me to his games a number of times. We live in the same area of the Chicago suburbs.
    - not advocating a hugfest, just want people to stop complaining about games they have never played.