Monday, March 15, 2010

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

So I've been neglecting the run-downs of my new character classes. Anyway, here's my Barbarian class. It's basically the Dwarf, minus the racial abilities, with a few of its own (slightly inspired by the UA Barbarian, but only slightly).

The first big difference between the Barbarian and the Dwarf is that the Barbarian needs slightly more XP to level up. I've got them using the same progression as Magic-Users. They also get a d10 HD, the only class in my Classic roster. They're limited to Level 12 like Dwarves. They have a minimum Con and Wis of 9, and Prime Requisites are Str and Con (both 13 or more, +5%, both 16 or more, +10%). They attack as Fighters, save as Dwarves. All weapons and armors allowed (but see below).

Their special abilities are the following:
Combat--they can set spears as Fighters, but cannot use the lance attack. At Name Level they can use the Smash maneuver, and at 12th they gain 2 attacks per round. They don't get parry or disarm from the high end Fighter abilities.

When wearing leather or no armor, they gain a +2 bonus to AC (-2 if you use the traditional AC system). They can use a shield and still get this bonus.

Foraging--Barbarians can forage for food better than other classes, with a range 1 higher than the terrain normally allows (normally 2 in 6, Barbs get a 3 in 6, etc.).

They get their native Barbarian language as a bonus language.

At high levels, they can either attract a horde (similar to UA) or build a stronghold as a Fighter.

Simple, effective, and provides a human class that's good at taking on the sorcerers of the world thanks to the high HD and excellent saving throws.

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