Friday, March 12, 2010

Goings on at the Game Group

I've been meaning to post this since Tuesday, when we had our last game. Steve and Alex weren't coming, so I brought along the D&D. Ended up being me, Pat, Josh, and Amy. Amy hadn't enjoyed D&D the last time so much, as the language and the pace of the game got a little too fast for her, but she was a good sport and played again.

Pat's Fighter died last time, so he was playing his Cleric (L3), Amy also has a Cleric (L1), and Josh decided to play his Magic-User (L1). They followed some rumors that the hobgoblins and kobolds were at odds. They bought some kegs of booze to try to bribe the hobgoblins into allying to slay the kobolds, then the plan was to turn on the now weakened hobgoblins and loot both lairs.

On the way there, they had a random encounter with Sprites. The sprites had decent reactions toward the group, and when they asked the party to disrobe, Josh said his mage was game and pulled up his robes. The sprites rewarded him with a random magic item, and I rolled up--a ring of 2 wishes. I'm always a fan of giving players wishes. It makes them nervous.

Later they encountered a solitary 1HD elf. He introduced himself as a ranger, so they of course recruited him to help take out the humanoids. He led them to the mountains, but I had him take them to the wrong cavern entrance (I've got various goblinoids in interconnected lairs within the mountain). They went to the Orc cave, and ended up finding some pterodactyls which they slaughtered after a sleep spell and a bit of minor damage. They rested to heal and prepare spells, then went back. The first orcs they encountered offered to join them take out the orc boss if they split the treasure. The party agreed to this, and another sleep spell pretty much rendered the orc chieftain and his guards helpless.

The treasure chest contained 1000gp, a potion, a scroll, and a bag. The players gave all the gold to the orcs, and took the magic loot. Instead of being brave (foolish?) they decided to take the items somewhere where they could be identified. The "ranger" suggested they go to the Elf Queen Cliodna.

They get through the elf defenses thanks to the ranger, but as soon as they enter the throne room Josh has his M-U say something like, "I hear you've got some monsters you need slaying. Pay us and we'll do it for you." Small penalty to reaciton rolls wasn't necessary as I rolled pretty poorly for it. They managed to salvage the effort, but Josh (who was game to have his character flash some sprites) refused to have his M-U bow down on all-4s, merely bowing at the waist (the two Clerics both got down on the ground to appologize).

So they didn't get their magic items identified, but they have permission to rearm and resupply from the elves, and if they manage to defeat the other tribe of orcs who are bothering the elves, they may end up on the elves' good side after all.

After the game, though, we got the bad news that the board game cafe in Seomyeon where we play is closing down at the end of the month. We've got to find a new place to meet up, or the board game group may be finished.

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