Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interest in the Maritime Campaign

At the Board Game Group last night, we played Wizkids' Pirates again. Actually, except for me, no one who played before showed up, so I had to explain it all again (and play a simple, cut down version) for Pat, Josh, Lucy, Vlada, and another of Lucy's friends whose name I've of course forgotten.

Josh, who's into tabletop minis wargames (he playes 40K) really enjoyed it. He and Pat were lamenting the loss of the Saturday RPG sessions, and I mentioned that Alex had expressed an interest in my Maritime Campaign idea. Josh and Pat also seemed interested.

Josh, though, I should admit, was most interested in the fact that I called it a "campaign." I think we have slightly different ideas about what a campaign entails. For me, it's a series of adventures which may or may not have a connection plot-wise, but involve the same characters in the same world(s). For him, I get the idea from his 3E game, it's a railroad plot for the characters to play out. He's stated a firm dislike of sandbox play in the past.

Anyway, I plan to pitch the game play as sorta like the X-Files. There will be an overriding quest that they'll have, but not every encounter, island, pirate ship, cannibal tribe or lost ruin will involve that quest. They'll encounter a lot of other stuff as they search for clues to the quest, and that other stuff will be just that--stuff.

Of course, this is assuming I have the time to prepare the campaign, and the time to run it. Josh and Pat were again talking about Pat running a 4E game since he's got the rules, and we're all interested in giving it a go to see how it plays. So who knows?

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