Saturday, December 28, 2019

Mini Six and Star Wars d6

I checked out Mini Six. And found a (possibly not legal? If not, sorry!) PDF of Star Wars 2nd Edition. I think Killing Machine and I played 2E WEG Star Wars when we were kids, but maybe it was 1E. I have vague memories of us playing either when we were in high school (in which case it would have been 1E) or my college years (when it could have been 1E or 2E).

Anyway, long story short, Mini Six looks like a good condensation of the d6 System for general usage, but I think I'll stick to actual Star Wars RPG for my future games.

I MAY take the Mini Six idea of static defense scores based on the die codes of the skills. Instead of rolling to dodge/parry an attack, it just figures out the difficulty number based on how many dice a character has in the skill. Similarly, instead of rolling Strength to resist damage, it just uses a flat damage reduction number.

Actually, I may keep the Dodge/Parry rolls, since they are optional and take up actions. But the static damage reduction thing I think I will definitely implement to speed things up.


On a related note, the season finale of The Mandalorian was pretty good. I won't be copying the plot in my games, but it did give me a few ideas I might use for SW RPG.

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  1. I like the utter simplicity of Mini-Six. I've thought of combining Mini-Six with the Force rules from Star Wars.

    If you're interested purely for curiosity's sake, here's a thread about some modifications to Mini Six for use with Star Wars.

    It appears is down at this very moment but the thread exists.

    We got a kick out of The Mandalorian in our household. It is really making me want to play a Star Wars game!