Friday, February 22, 2019

A new age begins

So Google+ is going away soon. It killed the blog scene, sucking the oxygen out of the OSR blogosphere. And people are wondering if the OSR will survive its nexus of interaction disappearing.

But remember, the OSR was around for years before Google+. It will be around after.

Zak S. is out. I read his stuff occasionally, and he had a lot of good ideas. But he was also pretty terrible to certain people. Yes, he was a highly visible figure in the OSR for many years. Now, he's persona non grata. I won't miss him. And the OSR will go on without him.

I'm going to be working on some academic papers over the next several months, trying to publish the one I have recently revised plus two more. But I'll also be trying to maintain the blog here more. I think if the OSR reverts to blogs and forums it will be better anyway. There were a lot of good conversations on G+, but the format is too ephemeral for my tastes (I've been saying that for years, I know). I tried MeWe, and it's got the same ephemeral nature of G+ so I doubt I'll use it much. Hell, I mostly just used G+ for promoting this blog and trying to sell my stuff anyway. MeWe will likely be the same. And if I get on Discord or any of the other places people are going to, ditto.

Now, here are my potential RPG related projects for this year:

  1. Converting my West Marches 5E game to Labyrinth Lord. Some players won't like it, but I'm ready to get back to basics. Fewer classes, fewer spells (but often more powerful in effect), and a lower power level; but hopefully more action/interaction.
  2. Starting an online Chanbara campaign. Probably with the usual Hangouts/Roll20 gang (Busan Gaming Group plus any of Dean's 5E gamers I can lure into it). If any blog readers are willing to make time on Saturday evenings East Asia/Australia time (Saturday morning North America, midday Europe/Africa), let me know.
  3. Finishing up my next set of paper minis (just need to format the book then get it online). It has the Isle of Dread module monsters plus the creatures in BX that aren't in BECMI's Basic and Expert books. 
  4. Moving on to the Mentzer Companion Set for the next set of paper minis? Or making a set for OA/Flying Swordsman/Chanbara? Or AD&D monsters? Or AD&D/later edition character types? 
  5. Releasing the dungeons/locations of the Chanbara game, plus some for more standard D&D type play, as cheap modules for sale through Hidden Treasure Books.


  1. I would gladly play Chanbara with youguys, but my schedule is too unpredictable at the moment. For now, anticipating Chanbara dungeons would have to suffice.

  2. I very much hope that with the death of G+, the blog scene will grow once more. I'm trying to do my part by reading a wider variety of blogs and commenting more (like this!).

  3. Completely agree. We bloggers have to stick together. I'm trying to comment more and link to more interesting blog posts