Thursday, January 3, 2019

A few more thoughts on retainers

Some random additional thoughts on the subject of the previous post (using retainers to help cement the different play style of Classic/AD&D compared to newer editions).

  • Make alignment matter. Retainers with the same alignment may have a morale boost. Chaotic retainers should be more likely to stab you in the back (figuratively or literally). Neutral aligned retainers may be the most in-demand.
  • Not all retainers need to be NPCs with class and level. Some may be monsters. Monster retainers should definitely have the same alignment as the boss PC.
  • Non-classed humans with interesting powers or abilities could come in handy. Gretta the Bag-Lady has a 20% chance to have any piece of normal gear in her bags (once per Turn), and a 5% chance once per day to have a potion or scroll useful for solving the current problem. But she's AC 9, HP 3, fights/saves as a Normal Man. Evelensk the Elf is merely level 1, but has learned EVERY language in his long life...but can only remember languages beyond what normal elves speak when he's drunk.
  • Could an intelligent weapon be a retainer?

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