Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Title for Sale: Expert Monsters Set 3

For those who've been purchasing my full color fold-up paper minis made with public domain art for Classic D&D, I've got my newest set available. Expert Monsters 3 covers all the creatures that were in BX but left out of the Mentzer revision. The Acolyte, Medium and Veteran round out the Bandit as NPC versions of PC classes, there is a sea dragon, whales, woolly all the cool dinosaurs and monsters from Isle of Dread!

Allosaurus (favorite dinosaur of mine!), aranea, natives with lots of leader types including the zombie master, phanaton and rakasta, etc.! The kopru is a favorite of mine in this set. It took some kit-bashing of various public domain images, and a bit of retouching, but I think it looks suitably Lovecraftian and disturbing (for a small image anyway).

If you run BX instead of BECMI, you're missing a few monsters from my previous sets. Now you can get them. And if you want to run Isle of Dread in any rule set, this has those special IoD monsters you need.

As usual, every page uses layers, so if you want to only print certain monsters, you can switch off the ones you don't want to print and save ink.

You can purchase it here for the low, low price of $3.

When I start working on the next set, I think I'm going to go with some Flying Swordsmen/Chanbara/OA type characters. I'll probably start working on the Companion Set monsters too, since quite a few in this set are in the Companion.

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